About Us

About Us

Mizero Care Organization (MoC).

MIZERO CARE ORGANIZATION (MoC) is a Rwandan Non-Governmental Organization since 2013. It aims at supporting youth to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder in particular, and be able to participate in society.


Iréné MIZERO, the founder of Mizero Care Organization, is a Rwandan who was born on 25th November 1985, in Ngororero district, Ngororero Sector, Western province. In the aftermath of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi and afterwards, MIZERO suffered harshly due to the consequences of the 1994 Genocide Against the Tutsi.

He experienced adverse impacts of isolation, loneliness and frustration. Nevertheless, by the grace of God, through prayers and counsels from friends and peers, MIZERO came out of that state. Today, he’s regained strength and hope for a bright future.

On 29th July 2012, Iréné MIZERO gathered three people, as a symbol of recognition, for the paramount role they had played during his long way from isolation. The event was marked by the remittal of awards to one of those people. His unfortunate experience of isolation, along with his painstaking journey out, led him to streamlined thoughts about others who may be experiencing similar socio- psychological conditions.

Thus the decision to create an organization called Mizero Care Foundation (MCF), whose main purpose is to assist people facing isolation and loneliness in their respective home milieus, especially youth in as far as the organization is concerned. In the pursuit of legal personality was named Mizero care Organization abbreviated as MoC


Mizero Care Organization – MoC concerns with the vision of transforming youth into the beacon of wellbeing in the world.


The organization’s mission embodies pulling youth out of isolation to bring about real development.

Strategic Goal

Contribute to the holistic development of the Rwandan youth, Transforming them into active citizens for the sustainable development of Rwanda.


  • Innovative
  • Care
  • Productiveness
  • Excellence
  • Team work

The Organization Achievement

During 8 years of operation in the territory of Rwanda, MIZERO CARE ORGANIZATION abbreviated as MoC is a Non-Governmental Organization since 2013. It is registered in Rwanda Governance Board (RGB) under No 62/RGB/NGO/2017 and also incorporated under the laws of Rwanda with registration number 118577595 and with its head office at GASABO District, KIMIRONKO Sector, Kigali-Rwanda.

It is a recognized organization in 2017 by Her Excellency First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda and the Ministry of Youth and Culture for its aim of supporting youth to overcome post-traumatic stress disorder and participate in society. It has its statutes and internal rules and regulations.

It has established the organ of BOD committee, Internal auditing Committee as well as an Organ and Mechanisms for conflict resolution Committee. Within the means of MoC members’ contribution, it started the psychotherapy services, Call Talking Cure and the organization is celebrating around 300 beneficiaries who successfully underwent the program.

MoC has funded the selling fish project of one beneficiary and it has provided investment advisory services with its beneficiaries. It helped one beneficiary to complete her technical and training studies and the beneficiary is now working and feeds herself. It helped its beneficiaries to gain benefits from Mutual health scheme. Through the talent detection, one beneficiary has innovated MCF beneficiaries management system. It has inaugurated the social event named sharing joy on 26th December 2013, which became annual celebration in the organization every 26th of December every year.
Vugukire hotline won a grant from Imbuto Foundation iAccelerator Phase 3.


Umurinzi w'Igihango

12 November 2022, Iréné MIZERO had been awarded Ishimwe Unity award, one of Rwanda’s highest civilian honours, Umurinzi W’igihango by Unity Club.

The honour is given to individuals who have distinguished themselves in the promotion of unity and resilience in the Rwandan community.

He is the youngest recipient of the award.


Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers (CYRWA) award 2017 offered by The First Lady of the Republic of Rwanda


Mizero Care Organization (MoC) Board of Directors- BOD Members

Mr. Iréné MIZERO


Mr. Cléophas BARORE

Deputy chairman



Mr. Jean Damascene HARELIMANA


Mr. Jean Baptiste NSHUTIRAGUMA


Leadership Team

Mizero Care Organization (MoC) Leadership Team

Mr. Iréné MIZERO

Executive Director


Programme Director

Mr. Jean Damascene HARELIMANA

Finance Director

Other organs

Our Mechanisms for Conflict resolution council

Mrs. Emmanuella MAHORO

President of the Council


Mechanisms for Conflict Resolution Council

Mrs. Providence MASENGESHO


Our Internal Auditing Committee


Internal auditor President

Mrs. Providence MASENGESHO

Internal auditor Member

Our Technical Team


Mental Health Unit Coordinator

Our independent support system


MoC Volunteer Internal auditor

Dr. Darius GISHOMA

PhD, Specialist in Clinical Psychology