Founding Date: 29 March 2013

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Welcome note from the Chairman

Each year, friends like you join Mizero Care Organization in transforming youth into the beacon of wellbeing in the world. This has been happening since 2013, with efforts to bring healing in the post genocide psychological trauma that has pervasively impacted so many lives in Rwanda. Thanks to our educational, social-economical and mental health programs, we strive together to be a passionate growing family.

This is to welcome everybody, namely; our beneficiaries, partners, support donors, staff, volunteers and community at large to proficiently work with us. We cherish our partners and people we serve for their tremendous support to the best performance of our organization.

Dear all, our caring staff is openly excited to mutually work with you in an innovative and productive way, and enable you to access our entire activities through our website and social media platforms. You will regularly receive updates showing how your prompt participation is making a difference, and you’ll see first- hand the challenging realities we face, and how your support to Mizero Care Organization is bringing hope to the lives of youth and their communities.
Thank you and welcome to our organization!

According to a 2018 survey by RBC on a comparative method between Genocide survivors and general population

27.9 %

Genocide survivors suffer from PTSD

3.6 %

General population suffers from PTSD

35 %

Genocide survivors have depressive disorder

12 %

General population has depressive disorder

26 %

Genocide survivors have panic disorder

8.1 %

General population has panic disorder



Youth heads of families, Youth dropped out of school, Mistreated youth living in foster care families and Youth addicted to drugs.